Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use SmallFleet on Android?

Yes - SmallFleet is a web based application, so it will work on almost any device with a web broswer.

How does the billing process work?

SmallFleet totals the number of vehicles you have in the system on the 15th of each month. Your nominated credit card will then be charged according to the approriate subscription plan based on the number of vehicles.

Is the billing cycle pro-rata basis?

No. As we dont charge connection or cancellation fees of any kind, we don't offer pro rata billing. Additionally, When you signup for SmallFleet, you may enter as much hsitorical data as you like - so we think thats pretty fair.

Can I increase my Plan size?

Yes - when you add enough vehicles to require a larger plan, SmallFleet will automatically update your subscription. You won't be charged for the larger plan until the next billing cycle (on or around the 15th of each month)

Can I get help with the setup?

If we've done our job correctly, you shouldn't need any assistance with the setup of your system. However, If you'd like help we offer online and on-site setup and assistance for a fee.

Can I get personal training?

We've tried to make SmallFleet as easy as possible, even for the most casual computer user to feel comfortable. However, We can provide training online or onsite for a fee. please email us at for a quotation.

What if I need a system with more features?

Smallfleet is designed for businesses that only require a lightweight, fast system to record maintenance activities. If you require additional features such as JobCards, Service Due, NHVAS, Inventory or Document Scanning, checkout our website at for details on all of our available systems.

How do I cancel my subscription?

There's no contracts and no cancellation fees. Cancel your subscription at any time by emailing

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